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Frequently Asked Questions

Vush only offers high quality, rechargeable sex toys. This means you have no hassles having to change over old batteries. The Empress offers two hours of uninterrupted play. Battery operated toys are often low quality and break easily. With VUSH the charging is simple, simply plug in the provided usb charger, and you’re done!
A clitoral sucker will gently carress your clitoris in a sensual sucking motion, it will emulate the best oral sex you have ever received in your life and provides a whole new form of stimulation that can penetrate deeply into your clitoris, stimulating you both internally and externally. A vibrator will provide vibrations to the external clitoris. They both impact the clitoris is different ways. We would strongly suggest trying a new clitoris sucker if you have only had vibrators in the past.
The empress is incredibly easy to use. To charge your empress, place the cord where the small insert hole says DC and plug it all the way in. The first initial charge will take up to two hours. You will need to hold the hold the power button down for 3 seconds, and then place the head over your clitoris, positioning your clitoris inside. Lay back, and enjoy.
Vush products last for quite some time, we would say this product will consistently and easily last you atleast two years of solid usage before wear and tear would be noticeable. It also depends on your frequency of use. Rest assured, you will definitely get your moneys worth.
If you believe you have received a faulty charger with your purchase please contact us at to discuss ordering a new charging cable.

If you have lost your charger and would like to order a new one, please refer to the link below.
Yes the empress can be used during intercourse, it is small in size and the head can easily fit over the clitoris without interrupting penetration. This makes is fantastic for couples play, if you’re a guy thinking of picking up one of these for your partner we would definitely recommend it (especially if you always finish first).
We wouldn’t advise sharing sex toys between friends, it can lead to hygiene issues and some STI’s can even be spread through sharing of sex toys. It’s often better to just keep one toy per person.
Vush toys should be stored in a cool dark place, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time, or extreme temperatures. Usually a bedside drawer should do the trick.
Having an open discussion is always a good starting point – if the empress is for you, then you could always just buy one for yourself and then introduce it into the bedroom. If buying for your spouse then more likely than not they will appreciate that you care about their satisfaction.

Our payment methods used for purchase are paypal and credit card (Visa + MasterCard).

Shipping can take up to 3-6 days depending on where you are from. We always try and aim to have your order arrived to you at the quickest convenience.
Here at Vush we know how annoying the cost of shipping can be, that’s why we offer free shipping globally.

Please know that Vush does not cover any additional duties, taxes or charges that may arise from when you receive your product. This also includes VAT which we do not cover.
You can track your order using the reference number provided to you after purchase.
Please contact Vush Stimulation regarding if you would like to return your product or exchange your product. We will only accept faulty products.
Of course! All of our boxes are double packed and discreet, so you can safely deliver your package without any snoopy people finding out.
Australia: You may need to contact Australia post to locate you driver- he may have returned the item to a local store to await pick up if no one was home.
International: Please find our provider to track your shipping location. We are not responsible for any lost parcels, you will need to contact the logistic company regarding these matters. Any issues feel free to contact
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We do not cover any additional duties, taxes or charges that may arise from when you receive your product. This also includes VAT which we do not cover.
Our packaging is certainly discrete! Your product will arrive in a normal packaging slip with no Vush branding or labels. We put on our sender details VSAU which makes it difficult to recognize where the package is coming from. We understand how important this is for some people, so you have nothing to worry about.

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