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Close up of VUSH Massage Oil Candle in black candle holder with two flames burning

How to Use a Massage Oil Candle - Guide to Heating Up Your Play


What is a massage oil candle?

A massage oil candle is a candle that has been designed with body-friendly wax to allow the oil to be used for sensual massage! VUSH’s massage oil candle is a must-have accessory in your sexual wellness collection. Made with shea butter and soybean wax, the nourishing formula feels great on the skin. With hints of sandalwood and vanilla sugar, our candle will light up the space and fill the room with luxurious scents. Our candle is a surefire way to heat up your play. Plus, it makes a great gift for loved ones!


VUSH Massage Oil Candle orange/green/yellow gradient packaging cyclinder next to black glass candle


Why use a massage oil candle?

Candles set the mood

Candles build intimacy and help create a sensual scene. At VUSH, we always recommend setting the scene before any type of sex begins. Going the extra mile and setting the mood by lighting a candle can help you relax and get out of your head before sex by encouraging mindfulness and helping you commit your mind to the present moment. Luxurious scents such as sandalwood and vanilla sugar can induce positive feelings, which can also help you get in the mood for sex.

Massage is great foreplay

Massage and gentle bodily touch is a turn on for many. Our bodies crave intimacy and skin to skin contact, and massage is a way to honour that. Massage helps relax the body, and relaxation is the first step to becoming aroused. Whether you're giving or receiving, massage can be a truly intimate and connected experience for couples. Self-massage is also great foreplay before masturbation!

Oil adds a sensual experience

There is something so sensual about a luxurious oil. Feeling oil and nourishment on your skin can be a turn on in itself. Touch is one of the most important senses when it comes to sex, and a beautiful oil is an easy way to indulge in that. Hot tip: Add a blindfold or noise-cancelling headphones — taking away one of the senses can help enhance the feeling of another.

Great for solo or partnered play

Using a massage oil candle alone can be just as intimate as using it with a partner. Self-massage is a great way to connect with your body and show yourself some love. Foreplay and massage is not just for couples! Having said that, a massage oil candle does make a great addition to couples play and partnered sex.

Collage of candle next to woman with face in man's neck


How to use a massage oil candle

1. Light candle + set the mood

Lighting the candle and setting the mood go hand in hand, because candles are a great way to set the scene and build desire. Whether it’s dimming the lights, putting on some sensual music, cleaning up the clothes from your bedroom floor, do whatever it takes to help your mind transition from productive mode to pleasure mode.

Always use caution when lighting the candle and burn it on a safe, heat-resistant surface.

2. Let burn for 10-15 mins

Let the candle burn for 10-15 minutes to allow a layer of oil to form at the top of the candle. Waiting for up to 15 minutes gives you more opportunity to set the mood, letting the luxurious scents of sandalwood and vanilla sugar fill up the room.

If you’re getting to the end of your candle, make sure you throw it away rather than burning it to the base of the jar. All candles reach the end of their life once there is less than 15mm of wax remaining.

3. Blow the candle out

Once a generous layer of oil has pooled at the top of the candle, you can blow the candle out to extinguish the flame. There are two wicks — make sure you blow them both out!

4. Use the spout to pour

Our candle has been designed with a spout for easy pouring. Pour the candle’s oil directly onto the body of yourself or your partner, or onto your own fingers and hands. You could also dip clean fingers into the oil if you prefer.

The temperature of the wax shouldn’t be too hot since our candle has been designed to burn at a low temperature, just above body temperature. However, we recommend double checking it’s a comfortable temperature before pouring directly onto your skin. If it’s too hot for you, let the oil cool for a couple of minutes (just not long enough for it to reformulate into wax!).

5. Massage yourself or your partner

Let the massage begin! Start with gentle touch before building up to firm pressure. Get creative and take your massage to different areas on the body, from the neck and shoulders, to the arms, down to the hips, legs, and bum. Try different techniques to see what your body or your partner responds to. As always, wake up the entire body through massage before moving to anything sexual.

6. Check in with your partner

Using a massage oil candle is a sexy act, however, boundaries still apply. If you’re using the candle with a partner, ask if there are any areas they would prefer you to avoid. Maybe they’re not comfortable with other people touching their tummy, or they’re not in the mood for sexual stimulation at that specific moment. Check in with them to get a feel for whether they want gentle or firm pressure — remember, this is supposed to be pleasurable, not uncomfortable. From no-go zones to pressure and technique, communication and consent are key when it comes to using a massage oil candle.

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